GIVE IT 110%


CTO / VP of Technology


We are looking for a candidate with an extensive background leading internal and external engineering projects, and direct experience building out a digital games publishing organization. You possess deep knowledge of games as a service and the mobile games ecosystem. And you’re an expert on big data and analytics, cloud-based solutions, and leveraging 3rd party technology partnerships in product development. Bonus points if you’re a gamer and a sports fan, but most of all, you must want to dive into the challenge of building world-class free to play mobile games with us!

Director of Monetization


We are looking to hire an analytical and savvy monetization lead, to focus on driving excellent and long-lasting strategies for our portfolio. The ideal candidate has a background that includes statistical analysis, big data management and visualization, and practical approach to designing compelling live operations. Have shipped multiple free to play titles, designed and managed game core loops, and know how to optimize revenue while keeping players engaged and happy. A love for sports is a bonus, as you team up with our internal and external staff to drive the tools and capabilities that will make running live games a snap.

Office Manager


Nifty Games is looking for an experienced Office Manager to support our exec team with scheduling, communication, and day-to-day management of company affairs. The ideal applicant for this role will have 3-4 years experience supporting a leadership team with integrity and strong attention to detail. Additionally we are looking for familiarity with travel arrangements, bookkeeping, and HR tasks. Above all, we need someone who can handle any task big or small, with little managerial oversight, and can bring a positive, adaptable attitude every day!

Technical Director


Nifty Games is looking to hire a senior technical leader to help us guide internal and external engineering teams to ensure our products are built on a stable platform that will last for years to come. The ideal candidate possesses 4-6 years of experience with Unity, client/server architecture (AWS/Google/Azure), and mobile gaming platforms (iOS/Android). You bring a wide range of knowledge of programming languages and tools, and have a passion for supporting internal and external partners in everyday technology decisions.

VP Product Management


Nifty Games is looking for a highly-qualified leader to head up our Live Operations, Monetization, and Analytics teams. The ideal candidate has years of experience in free-to-play games, with a deep knowledge of how to leverage big data to drive key business strategies. You are well-versed in free to play gaming and professional sports trends, and know how to balance the needs of monetization against player happiness. In this role you will drive the plans and processes that lead to outstanding lifecycle management for our product portfolio.